Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Murky Apology- I think..

I feel like I've just spammed a load of rubbish but please stick with me here, I was just trying to play catch up and post as much as possible from the past few weeks. From tomorrow I will try and update as regularly as possible and it won't just be boring listings of where Cocos clothes are from- I promise! I'm still trying to get my bearings with this site so I apologise for it all being very basic at the moment, I'm working on it but Coco has learnt to crawl this week and I literally can't take my eyes off her for 5 minutes so I have to steal time for this whilst she sleeps, talking of sleep, I'm yawning as I'm writing this, I think I need to head there myself! Love & Light xoxo

Raving or Behaving?

The sun was shining today and it was actually warm and no signs of rain!! So finally we got those leggies out with no tights! Ofcourse she didn't wear the hat but it just turned up in a delivery so I couldn't resist a photo opportunity. She really looks to me like she should be at some dodgy rave somewhere in that hat and her shades, perhaps I've been to too many dodgy raves, or maybe not enough.. Anyway, she looks erm.. bright? I told you I was into bobble hats! I cant wait until she can actually stand up so that I can photograph her shorts etc properly, these shorts are so adorable with little scalloped edges!
Hat- Next
Sunglasses- Baby K
Babushka Top- Dolce & Gabanna
Shorts- Zara

Baby Jamiroquai

I'm really into big bobble hats lately, Coco isn't much of a fan, she tries to pull them off but I've been stocking up now for winter. I really love this one but its size 6-12 months and it fits her perfectly now so I doubt it will fit for long in winter :( I ordered the age 1-2 one also but it was absolutely massive and would have covered her whole face, that's the thing with buying baby/ kids clothes in advance you're just never sure of how quick they're going to grow and when things will fit them, So much stuff Coco has never worn but it probably won't fit her by the time I think it will.
Hat- Next
Top- H&M
Cardigan- Primark boys
Leggings- Next

Babba Babba Hey!

She looks like such a funny little gremlin on this! I'm really not a massive fan of babies in black, especially with Cocos colouring because she's so pale but she has so many band T's that we must get use out of and since she's getting bigger she's suiting it more. Anybody who knows me will know of my love for anything Stars & Stripes- as in the U.S Flag, not just random stars and stripes. I've been obsessed with it for years but as of late it has decided to be the 'cool' thing and every shop is selling something with it on so I thought I better get Coco in on the action too!
Headband- From a pack of 2 from Next
Sunglasses- Mothercare
T Shirt- Was a gift, I'm unsure where from but you can find them easily online
Leggings- Ebay!!

Yeti Baby

This is also from a few weeks ago. Okay this isn't really my usual 'style' but shes a baby girl so I have to do some form of fluffy marshmellowness at some points! As Sioned said- she is a pastel dream. She even perfectly matches the bedding- Uh Oh!
Headband- Next
Gilet- Monsoon
Leggings- Next
Ballet Pumps- H&M

Eighties Throwback- Mamas Girl

This was a couple of weeks ago, Jayne took this for me whilst I was trying to squeak anything that I could to stop her tears.
T-Shirt- Ebay
Leggings- Next
Hightops- Mothercare

Shopping day!

Yesterday (20th July) my papa took us shopping because he wanted to treat Cocaliscious to some new clothes, obviously this is mostly treating me and Coco would be happy naked so I have no complaints although my own wardrobe is looking rather scarce lately- where's mine at Pops! I will do a post tomorrow showing what she got, she is definitely living up to her name! Anyway this is what she wore, I am in love with these lemon lace shorts and this blouse, well the hat too.. Okay I just wish that I could wear this whole outfit.. (I really thought that I was the furthest possible thing from a 'Next Person' I guess I was wrong..)
Hat- Next
Blouse- Next
Cardigan- Next
Shorts- Zara