Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Murky Apology- I think..

I feel like I've just spammed a load of rubbish but please stick with me here, I was just trying to play catch up and post as much as possible from the past few weeks. From tomorrow I will try and update as regularly as possible and it won't just be boring listings of where Cocos clothes are from- I promise! I'm still trying to get my bearings with this site so I apologise for it all being very basic at the moment, I'm working on it but Coco has learnt to crawl this week and I literally can't take my eyes off her for 5 minutes so I have to steal time for this whilst she sleeps, talking of sleep, I'm yawning as I'm writing this, I think I need to head there myself! Love & Light xoxo


  1. Loveee your blog, I found you over on tumblr and both you and coco's style is amazing. I am 6 and a half months prego with my 2nd child right now I have a son and I am around the same age as you, I am soo excited for my baby girl to get here, you are inspiring me with her outfits!! :D

    P.S- what is your instagram?!?

    1. Thankyou so much! I have no idea what I'm doing on here, I need to try and work it out today because I feel clueless haha. Aaah I'm excited to see your little girly, when are you due? Dressing babies is just so fun, I think it's slightly unfair though, there is so much more choice for girls! My instagram is @graceroisin follow me so that I can follow your little brood :) xxx

    2. I am due October 21st, but it's a planned c-section so a week before that. I'm eventually gonna start a blog on here myself just planning it all out and then I will be clueless too. Boys are a lot of fun too, specially with all the plaid overshirts I find, he looks like a little teen sometimes. Gonna go follow ya on there now!

    3. Sorry I haven't been on here at all this week, I've just seen this! October 21st is Cocos birthday! She was due on the 9th but didn't want to be born it seemed.. x