Saturday, 21 July 2012

Preppy Chick

On Tuesday we had to go to the doctors so I thought that we would attempt to play in the park first, although on this picture it looks like a grey day it was actually rather sunny but threatening rain- of course it was, it's only July! Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr then you will know that she's been to the swings before but never been much of a fan, this time however was a complete success, she had the biggest smile the whole time, I can't wait to take her back. 
I'm sure I'm not the only one who received a tonne of hand knitted baby cardigans on the arrival of their little bundles and at first you think oh how nice.. another one..but they actually come in so handy, I really love this one its not tight and fitted its really baggy fit and looks super cute thrown on with leggings and a plain top. I'm really into the traditional Ralph Lauren look so although this outfit is 'plain' I'm a big fan as I think that the preppy look is timeless and can clearly be done at any age!
Headband- Next
Top- Mothercare
Cardigan- Knitted by a family friend
Leggings- Ralph Lauren

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