Saturday, 21 July 2012

Babba Babba Hey!

She looks like such a funny little gremlin on this! I'm really not a massive fan of babies in black, especially with Cocos colouring because she's so pale but she has so many band T's that we must get use out of and since she's getting bigger she's suiting it more. Anybody who knows me will know of my love for anything Stars & Stripes- as in the U.S Flag, not just random stars and stripes. I've been obsessed with it for years but as of late it has decided to be the 'cool' thing and every shop is selling something with it on so I thought I better get Coco in on the action too!
Headband- From a pack of 2 from Next
Sunglasses- Mothercare
T Shirt- Was a gift, I'm unsure where from but you can find them easily online
Leggings- Ebay!!

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